This second NSF-funded network security workshop will focus on two major security areas: internet and wireless security. The objective of this workshop is to bring together underrepresented researchers from research communities in internet and wireless networking, security, applied cryptography with the goal of fostering interaction. The Internet is constantly under attack, with unwanted traffic in the form of spam, distributed denial of service, viruses, worms, etc. Attacks happen at both control (e.g. BGP, DNS) and data planes. The attacks often have a direct economic motivation. This workshop seeks papers related to research on solutions that deal with internet security as well as trust models. Similarly, with the proliferation of wireless networks, issues related to secure and dependable operation of such networks are gaining importance. Such topics are of relevance to this workshop.

It is very likely that limited stipends will be available for some selected students and faculty members to attend this workshop. Students/Faculty members who are interested in applying for stipends should refer to the scholarship page.

Topics of interest

    • Key management
    • Trust establishment
    • Secure location determination
    • Dependable wireless networking
    • Wireless LAN security
    • Sensor network security
    • Internet security e.g. BGP security